A Good, Old-Fashioned Update Post

Beaver Builder Update

Hey there. I hope everyone’s doing well. I mentioned a few weeks back that we’re trying out a new format for the blog in 2018. Instead of doing an update post every month, we wanted to publish content more often and post updates when we actually have some news. We’re also shifting gears a bit…

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September Update – Big Changes are Coming!

September Update

Hi there. Hope you’re doing well! It’s cooling off out here and the leaves are just starting to change colors. It’s one of my favorite times of the year. We’ve got a tasty update on tap. Over the last several weeks, with all of your feedback, we’ve been iterating and improving on the 2.0 Alpha—there…

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The Black Friday Edition – November Update

November update Black Friday edition

Hey all! To the westerners out there, Happy Thanksgiving! We have yet another exciting update on tap. Just yesterday, we published a post about our next major version release. We have an introduction to make this month! Those are always exciting. Justin, Billy, and I are all decompressing after returning from our favorite WordPress event, CaboPress. Along…

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It’s Heating Up – July Update

Hi there! It’s been a little while. Hope you’re having a great summer. It’s time for our July update! This month, there are a couple of introductions to make, some news to share, and we wanted to chat a bit about the 3rd party ecosystem that’s brewing around Beaver Builder. Grab a cool beverage, pull…

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Lets Kick Off the Spring – May Update

Hi there! May is here and it’s time for another update. I love the spring because it means summer is almost here. Wildflowers are blooming. All the animals are scurrying around with their little babies. The sun is starting to shine through the clouds and some of my favorite outdoor activities are about to start…

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Feburary 2016 Update – Why We Feel Like Santa Claus

This is an exciting month. Last year was the first time we published an “Update Post.” I’m excited because I never have to make another featured image ever again, muahaha! Real quickly before I get into it, we’re really hoping to learn a bit more about you and how you use Beaver Builder. There are…

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Join Us Friday for a Slack Halloween Party

TLDR: We’re hosting a Slack Halloween Party on Friday at 11:00 am Pacific Time (UTC-8). Set a reminder and use this link to join! It’s that time of the year again. Here in California, the air is getting crisp and the days are getting shorter. The leaves are turning colors and the holiday season madness…

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Introducing our Newest Development Partner: Favolla!

Big news this week (okay, technically it was a few weeks ago, but I’m a bit behind), we added a development partner to the Beaver Builder team! Today, we’re introducing our newest teammates: Favolla, a web and design agency based in Brazil run by the lovely couple Diego de Oliveira and Thaís Toda. Favolla was one of our first customers,…

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