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What Is the Difference Between WordPress Pages vs. Posts?

Difference between WordPress pages and posts

WordPress is a beginner-friendly platform that can have your website up and running in no time. Still, there are some basic concepts to learn before you can start building your site. If you master the difference between WordPress pages and posts, you will understand the most basic part of WordPress architecture. In this article, we…

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How to Back Up Your WordPress Website (And Why It Matters)

How to Backup a WordPress website

A broken site is a WordPress website owner’s worst nightmare, although errors such as the ‘White Screen of Death’ (WSoD) can be fixed relatively quickly. However, there may be times when the situation is more permanent. Fortunately, it’s easy to plan ahead for these situations by performing regular backups. In this article, we’ll explain when…

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Are WordPress Certifications Necessary to a Career in Web Development?

WordPress Certifications

Developers function in a field where certifications often aren’t as important as experience and knowledge. If you want a career in WordPress web development, certifications probably aren’t necessary. At the same time, certifications can open more doors, depending on the niche you’re working in. In this article, we’ll talk about WordPress certifications and the types…

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6 Ecommerce Challenges You Can Tackle With WordPress

Launching an online store is exciting, although there is usually an unexpected barrier or two along the way. However, if you’re not seeing the stream of eager customers you expected or have struggled with payment gateway integrations, don’t despair. WordPress provides many solutions to common ecommerce challenges.  In this article, we’ll discuss the current state…

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7 Top WordPress Analytics Solutions

Top WordPress Analytics Solutions

If you want to know how your website is performing, you need to pay attention to key metrics. That means being aware of how many visitors you get, how long they spend on your site, which sources send you the most hits, and more. If you want access to that data, there are a lot…

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How to Create a Multilingual WordPress Site with Beaver Builder and TranslatePress [Easiest Way]

Creating a WordPress site from scratch can be intimidating. Things get even more complicated when you throw multilingual pages into the mix. Fortunately, there are some really intuitive translation plugins that’ll help you create a multilingual WordPress site fast, using the same visual approach for creating your pages that Beaver Builder does. In this post,…

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8 Best WordPress Training Course Providers Online [2020]

best training courses

It’s true, you can teach yourself WordPress by learning as you go. There are plenty of blogs, YouTube videos, and how-to guides available as a resource. But is this a good use of your time? Instead, I recommend taking a structured WordPress training course. These courses offer step-by-step training and support to help you along…

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