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How to Create an Effective Coming Soon Landing Page

Create an Effective Coming Soon Page - 05

A Coming Soon landing page is often used to hide a website that’s in development. But besides that function, a Coming Soon page can add great value to your pre-launch by bringing in leads and creating a buzz about what’s coming. In this post, we’ll show you how to create a simple Coming Soon page.…

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6 Steps to Creating a Beaver Builder Website Backup Strategy

Creating a WordPress Backup Strategy

Creating and implementing a backup strategy is one of the first things you should do when creating a new site. A backup is your insurance plan against the many types of human and technical errors that will bring down your site. If you don’t know anything about backing up your Builder Beaver site, don’t worry,…

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How to Hire a WordPress Designer (In 4 Steps)

Website visitors look at a successful website and tend to attribute the reason for its popularity to the content. While it’s true that content plays a massive role in any website’s success, so does its design, sometimes on a more subconscious level. You can have a broad library of useful, engaging content, but if your…

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Should You Use Drupal or WordPress to Build Your Site?

When it comes to Content Management Systems (CMSs), you have a lot of options. However, WordPress and Drupal are two of the most powerful and popular platforms at your disposal. Knowing their features and strengths is key to helping you choose the right one. In this article, we’ll compare Drupal vs WordPress by introducing you…

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10 Best Practices for Creating High-Converting Popups

Popups are well-established, versatile, difficult to miss, and have great conversion rates when used appropriately. Let’s also face the downside: popups can be annoying. If you’re a frequent internet surfer, you’ve probably come across popups that you’ve had a negative reaction to or have even caused you to leave the site. There’s no point to…

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17 Best WordPress PayPal Plugins [Most are FREE]

Are you looking for a way to accept payments on your website? Look no further! In this post, we’re discussing the best WordPress PayPal plugins to start making money online today. Whether you want to sell digital products or accept donations, PayPal is a great solution. After all, PayPal is a well-known, popular, and trusted…

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