Dental Clinic Website Template for Beaver Builder

Medical / Dental Website Template for Beaver Builder

📣 Introducing Smile Dental Clinic, the brand new dental clinic starter website template for Beaver Builder! Sleek, modern, and incredibly user-friendly, this template is the perfect fit for your next WordPress site. It strikes the right balance of professional and welcoming vibes, designed to help you get started quickly. Fully customizable, responsive, and built with…

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NEW! Salon Website Template for Beaver Builder

Say hello 👋 to Chic Haven, a brand new salon website template for Beaver Builder! It’s sleek, modern, and minimalistic with just the right amount of glamor to reflect an upscale and edgy vibe. Fully customizable with Beaver Builder’s suite of tools, this new template is user-friendly and responsive, making sure your site looks fantastic…

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Box Module Online Course and Beaver Builder Starter Websites

Exciting news, website creators! Unleash your website-building potential with Beaver Builder’s latest offerings: Box Module Online Course and Beaver Builder Starter Websites. Dive deep into the Box Module with our new online course, showcasing its capabilities in creating pixel-perfect websites. Plus, our Starter Websites in Assistant Pro provide professionally designed templates and powerful features. Let…

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Social Media Marketing with Beaver Builder’s Link in Bio Templates

Link in Bio Templates

Beaver Builder’s Free Link Tree Style Landing Page Templates for Link In Bio Pages Beaver Builder has added an assortment of link tree style landing page templates to our rapidly growing arsenal of free and premium templates available on!  Happily use them for your link in bio pages on Instagram, Tiktok, and beyond.  They…

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How to Export and Import Pages in WordPress

How to Export and Import WordPress Pages

By default, WordPress has built-in tools for exporting and importing your entire website or just your posts and pages. Fortunately, this process just got a lot easier. With Assistant Pro, you can save any WordPress page to an Assistant Pro Library and easily transfer it to another website. Exporting and importing pages in WordPress allows…

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How to Import and Export Templates in Beaver Builder (In 3 Steps)

How to import and export templates in Beaver Builder

Working collaboratively can be an inspiring process. However, it’s easy to become unproductive, waiting around for emails and transferring lots of files. Fortunately, with Assistant Pro, you can import and export templates quickly and easily, streamlining your workflow. In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of importing and exporting templates from WordPress. Then, we’ll show…

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How to Maximize Your Productivity With Assistant Pro (4 Key Tips)

How to maximize your productivity with Assistant PRO | Beaver Builder blog

Modern tools mean that it’s never been easier to create beautiful media, color palettes, templates, and other resources for your website. However, sharing these resources with your clients and team members or across your own sites isn’t always straightforward. That’s why we designed the Assistant Pro platform. In this post, we’ll show you how to…

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5 Best Assistant Pro Features for Designers and Developers

assistant pro 5 best features for designers and developers

File-sharing can be frustrating within a website design team. Content may quickly become disorganized and confusing, which can get in the way of your project goals. Fortunately, Assistant Pro offers a user-friendly alternative. You can use its cloud-based database to upload, access, and export page builder content to your entire company. In this guide, we’ll…

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