How to Set up a Staging Environment for Your Beaver Builder Site

How to Setup a Staging Environment for Your Beaver Builder Site

Building and customizing a WordPress website with the default editor or the recent WordPress 5 block editor (often called Gutenberg) can be quite taxing. It serves as a good reminder of how useful a drag-and-drop page builder can be. Beaver Builder was created to give WordPress site owners complete flexibility and control over creating and…

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11 Ways to Generate Recurring Revenue for Your Agency

Generate Recurring Revenue

Traditionally, many web development agencies have relied on one-time projects to bring in revenue. Unfortunately, this model requires businesses to constantly be in search of new clients. That’s why many WordPress businesses are turning to sources of recurring revenue to supplement or replace their other project-based services. In this post, we’ll dig into the reasons…

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How to Get Started With WordPress as a Freelance Programmer

WordPress Freelance Programmer

There’s no doubt that freelancing holds a lot of attractive qualities. Striking out on your own provides freedom and opportunity you just won’t get in a nine-to-five office job. However, offering services related to a platform as well-known as WordPress can feel intimidating. In this article, we’ll talk about why WordPress is worth your time…

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How to Hire a WordPress Designer (In 4 Steps)

Website visitors look at a successful website and tend to attribute the reason for its popularity to the content. While it’s true that content plays a massive role in any website’s success, so does its design, sometimes on a more subconscious level. You can have a broad library of useful, engaging content, but if your…

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