Social Media Marketing with Beaver Builder’s Link in Bio Templates

Link in Bio Templates

Beaver Builder’s Free Link Tree Style Landing Page Templates for Link In Bio Pages Beaver Builder has added an assortment of link tree style landing page templates to our rapidly growing arsenal of free and premium templates available on!  Happily use them for your link in bio pages on Instagram, Tiktok, and beyond.  They…

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How to Export and Import Pages in WordPress

How to Export and Import WordPress Pages

By default, WordPress has built-in tools for exporting and importing your entire website or just your posts and pages. Fortunately, this process just got a lot easier. With Assistant Pro, you can save any WordPress page to an Assistant Pro Library and easily transfer it to another website. Exporting and importing pages in WordPress allows…

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9 Best WordPress Training Courses

The best WordPress online training courses | Beaver Builder blog

It’s true, you can teach yourself WordPress by learning as you go. There are plenty of blogs, YouTube videos, and how-to guides available as a resource. But is this a good use of your time? Instead, I recommend taking a structured WordPress training course. These courses offer step-by-step training and support to help you along…

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How to Sell Online Courses in WordPress with Beaver Builder (In 6 Steps)

How to sell online courses in WordPress with Beaver Builder

Finding new ways to monetize your WordPress website can be a challenge. Online courses can be a great option – you won’t need to handle physical inventory and distribution costs. Additionally, you can sell online courses in WordPress with Beaver Builder, a user-friendly page builder.  In this article, we’ll talk more about the benefits of…

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How to Choose the Best Website Builder for Authors

As an author, you may have little knowledge of coding, and no time to learn about website development. Fortunately, a website builder can make establishing an online presence much more straightforward. You can quickly create a professional web space that’s perfectly tailored to your needs, thanks to preset templates, a drag-and-drop editor, and easy-to-use modules.…

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How to Design for Web Accessibility (5 Essential Tips)

how to design for web accessibility

There have been substantial advances in web accessibility in recent years. However, with so many developments to consider, you may not be sure how to get started with accessible web design. From contrasting colors to readability and mobile-friendliness, Beaver Builder can help you reach the latest accessibility standards with ease. In this post, we’ll discuss…

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Your Complete Guide to Creating a WooCommerce Checkout Page

Complete guide to WooCommerce Checkout Page

If you’ve just launched a WooCommerce store, you’ve likely heard horror stories about high levels of cart abandonment. You may be wondering how to avoid this by creating an optimized WooCommerce checkout page. Fortunately, using Beaver Builder and the WooPack add-on, you can easily design an intuitive checkout that supports sales. In this post, we’ll…

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How to Choose the Right WordPress Membership Theme

WordPress Membership Theme

Planning a membership site where people need to sign up and perhaps pay for the content or service you provide? If you want people to sign up or invest, your website needs to look good. The perfect WordPress membership theme can give you an edge over other websites, by helping you catch visitors’ eyes and…

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How to Hire a WordPress Designer (In 4 Steps)

Website visitors look at a successful website and tend to attribute the reason for its popularity to the content. While it’s true that content plays a massive role in any website’s success, so does its design, sometimes on a more subconscious level. You can have a broad library of useful, engaging content, but if your…

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