Page Builders vs Block Editor: Which Should You Use for Your WordPress Website?

Page Builders vs Block Editor: which one should you use on your WordPres site?

Are you trying to decide between using Page Builders vs Block Editor? Choosing the best editing software during the website design process can be challenging. Although WordPress has a built-in Block Editor, you should consider using a page builder for advanced customization options, ready-made templates, and user-friendly features. Because page builders offer more flexibility due…

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How to Add Color Presets to the WordPress Customizer (In 5 Steps)

How to add color presets to WordPress customizer | Beaver Builder blog

In this article, you will learn how to add color presets to the WordPress customizer. Choosing a solid color scheme for your website can help strengthen your branding and demonstrate professionalism. However, manually adding specific colors every time you customize your theme can be rather tedious. One way to simplify the process is to add…

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WordPress Security Tips for Beginners

5 WordPress security tips for beginners | Beaver Builder blog

In this article you will learn 5 WordPress security tips for beginners. Effective website design and development isn’t just about following the latest style trends. If you’re just getting started in the industry and a client’s website is hacked on your watch, it can threaten your long-term reputation. Therefore, it’s important to take a strategic…

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How to Add Breadcrumbs to WordPress (3 Methods)

How to add breadcrumbs to WordPress | Beaver Builder blog

As your WordPress website grows, navigating it can become harder. Sometimes, users might lose track of which page they’re on, or what type of content they’re browsing. Adding breadcrumbs to WordPress solves that problem. Even better, search engines love breadcrumbs, as they provide them with information about your website’s structure. In this article, we’ll talk…

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How to Add a Downloadable PDF to Your WordPress Site (In 5 Steps)

How to add downloadable PDFs to WordPress

When managing a website, it’s essential to make sure that your content is both engaging and easily accessible. You can do this by providing downloadable files. Whether you’re looking to sell premium content or offer your visitors long-form guides or tutorials, adding downloadable PDFs in WordPress can be extremely helpful. However, you might be wondering…

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The Complete Guide to Conducting A/B Split Testing for Your Clients

Complete guide A / B split testing for clients

As a world-class agency, you naturally want to design the best possible campaigns for your clients. However, driving conversions can sometimes feel like a guessing game. That’s where A/B testing comes in. If you’re currently debating whether one approach might be better than the other, this strategy promises to eliminate all of that uncertainty. In…

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8 Best Places to Find Remote WordPress Developer Jobs

8 Best Places to Find WordPress Developer Jobs

One of the hardest parts about being a remote WordPress developer is finding reliable clients who pay well. The good news is that web developers are in constant demand, so there are a ton of high-paying jobs out there – you just have to know where to look. In this post, we’ll show you eight…

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How to Optimize Your Site for the Core Web Vitals (In 7 Steps)

how to optimize your site for core web vitals

Google introduced its Core Web Vitals as a way to measure how quickly websites load and become usable. These metrics factor heavily into Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and can have a major impact on how well your pages rank in search results. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to improve these vitals on WordPress…

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How to Create a Multilingual WordPress Mobile Landing Page

How to Create a Multilingual Mobile Landing Page

Landing pages are a crucial part of many companies’ marketing strategies. To be effective, they have to be done right. Ideally, this page will boast smart design, excellent performance, and accurate translation – especially on mobile devices, where each second counts. Nailing this trifecta can be tough, but the combination of the Beaver Builder and…

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