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Posts by Robby McCullough

Beaver Builder is Heading to WordCamp SF 2014

Laptop bags are packed, stickers and cards have arrived, our Beaver Builder t-shirts are clean, and we’re ready to head to camp! The Beaver Builder team is headed to WordCamp SF and we couldn’t be more excited! All three of us will be first-time attendees and we really can’t wait. While we all have been using WordPress for years, it wasn’t until earlier this year (when we started working on Beaver Builder) that we tuned into the WordPress community. Ever since then, we have been super excited to attend a WordCamp and hang out (in-person) with all the fine folks we’ve met and bump shoulders with some WordPress superstars.

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Getting Started with Google Analytics & WordPress

I think most webmasters/bloggers would agree, one of the most amusing aspects of publishing on the web is watching how the web responds. Out of the box, WordPress does not track any meaningful analytics on how your content is being accessed! Even if driving large amounts of traffic to your site isn’t your main goal, staying familiar with…

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10 Things You Might Not Know About WordPress

One of WordPress’ most powerful features is its simplicity. Mainly due to the text-editor-like post editing dashboard, anyone familiar with MS Word or Pages can jump right in and start publishing on the web. While this simplicity is awesome, some super powerful WordPress features get hidden away behind the scenes. Today, I wanted to dig…

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Make Your WordPress Site Fast as *$#@!

Wear and tear is inevitable. Shoes, cars, tools, homes, and everything else degrades over time. Well, software is no different. Ever notice how a four-year-old computer just doesn’t have the same pep in its step like when it was new? Or, how that contacts app on your phone seems to get bogged down more and…

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