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Welcome 10,000 More to the Beaver Builder Family

Hey everyone. We have some exciting news to share today. Through a distribution partnership with GoDaddy—in what felt like the blink of an eye—Beaver Builder Lite’s active installs surged from 90,000 to 100,000! Last weekend, some news broke about a partnership with Beaver Builder and GoDaddy. It was a bit unexpected, but today we’re able to…

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Why We’re Phasing out the Support Forums

In our March update post, we mentioned we were considering phasing out our bbPress support forums. We got some great feedback in the comments and on Facebook asking us to keep the forums around. To be 100% honest, the feedback we heard made us change our minds, or at least seriously reconsider our decision to close…

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Clever Ways to Handle Hagglers and Discount Requests

Since launching Beaver Builder, we’ve had several customers reach out to us via email and ask for a discount on our product. Part of this was spurred by the fact that we had a Black Friday promotion. Afterward, many folks asked if they could retroactively receive the discount. We also have an affiliate program and occasionally…

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2014 in Review: The Beaver Builder Story

I’ll probably never jump off a bridge, but when all the cool kids are doing something it’s usually worth at least considering. That said, after thoroughly enjoying many of the Year in Review posts that are circulating around the WordPress ecosphere, we decided to whip one up ourselves. This year has been a wild ride for Beaver Builder.…

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