Saved Row and Modules Are Now in Beta!

Update #1: Since writing this post, we’ve changed the terminology from Row and Module Templates to Saved Rows and Modules. There may be a few reference to the legacy terminology.

Update #2: This is now live as of version 1.6.3!

Today I’m happy to announce that the Menu module is live and the update everyone has been eagerly awaiting is finally in public beta. Saved rows and modules have arrived!

If you haven’t already, head on over to your account area to download a copy of the beta and test it out. Here’s a look at how to save and reuse rows and modules, as well as a fancy new extra for our Agency members.

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Saved Rows/Modules vs. Global Rows/Modules

This update gives you the ability to save rows and modules and to set them as globals.

Standard Saved Rows/Modules

When a saved row or module is inserted into a layout, it becomes part of the page’s layout. Changes made to the row or module won’t affect other instaces of that saved row or module elsewhere. This makes it a great option to create templates that can be reused and tweaked on every page.

Global Rows/Modules

When a global row or module is inserted into a layout, the settings for the row or module will be linked with every other instance. If you want to use the exact same module or row on many pages, global rows is the best option.

Saving Row and Module Templates

Within the row and module settings panels, you’ll now see a new Save As button. When clicked, the settings for either the row or module you are currently editing will be saved and the save template dialog will be loaded.


The New “Save As” Button

Within the save template dialog you’ll see two options, one for the name and one for whether it should be saved as a global or not. If you choose to save as a global, the row or module that you are currently working on will be converted to a global template within your layout.

Row and Module Template Settings

Row and Module Template Settings

After saving, your row/module will be added to either the Saved Rows or Saved Modules section of the builder’s panel as shown below.

The New Saved Rows and Modules Sections

The New Saved Rows and Modules Sections

As you can see, saved rows and modules show up in their respective sections just as the built-in rows and modules do. The only difference is that global rows and modules will have the orange Global tag next to them so they can be easily identified as global. You’ll also notice the wrench and x icons for editing and deleting templates in that screenshot. We’ll be discussing those in a bit.

Using Saved Rows and Modules

There is one thing to note about dragging and dropping for global rows. You can only drag and drop in or out of a global row while you’re editing that template within the template editor. To modify the content of a global row, you’ll need to open the edit page from the sidebar.

You Can Only Edit Global Rows Within the Template Editor

You Can Only Edit Global Rows Within the Template Editor

Editing Saved Rows and Modules in Your Layouts

When you drop a global row or module into your layout, you will now see an orange overlay with the Global tag instead of the standard blue overlay.

Global Template Overlay

Global Template Overlay

Global rows and modules can be moved, duplicated, or deleted from your layouts just as the built-in rows and modules can. The difference comes into play when you try to edit their settings.

Editing Global Modules

When editing the settings for a global module from within your layout, the settings panel will appear as normal, but you will see the global tag in the panel’s header to let you know you are editing a global module.

Global Module Settings

Global Module Settings

Important: When you make changes to a global module, all other instances of that module and the module itself are updated.

Editing Global Rows

Since rows contain modules, they can’t be edited from within your layouts. Instead, when you click on the settings icon for a global row (or click on the row itself), the master editor will open in a new window.

From within the template editor, you can make changes and either publish, discard, or save a draft. If you decide to publish, the row editor will close and your layout will be updated with the changes.

We decided to take this approach as opposed to allowing you to edit global rows within your layouts as we felt that this was the most user-friendly approach and would prevent any accidents from happening that would affect other pages on your site. Imagine if you could edit a global row within your layouts. What would happen if you dragged something into or out of it? It would have to update the published copies across your site instead of letting you choose to save a draft or discard your changes as the template editor does.

Editing Saved Rows and Modules in the Master Editor

The master copy for all saved rows and modules can be edited from within the master editor by clicking the wrench icon in the page builder panel. When clicked, the master editor will launch in a new window with the row or module that you are editing.

Edit a Template

Edit a Template

Just keep in mind that editing the master copy of a global row or module will update all instances of it across your site.

Deleting Saved Rows and Modules

In addition to editing, the master copy for all saved rows and modules can be deleted by clicking the x icon in the builder’s panel for the template you want to delete.

Delete a Template

Delete a Template

Important: When deleting the master copy of a global row or module, all copies of it across your entire site will become unlinked and you will no longer be able to edit them all in one place. If you don’t want to unlink global rows or modules, don’t delete the master.

Exporting and Importing Saved Rows and Modules

Saved rows and modules can be exported and imported the same as standard layout templates by using the WordPress exporter and importer.

When exporting a post or page that contains a global row or module, you must also export the row or module as well. That way, when you import the post or page, the global rows and modules can be relinked to the master template on the new site.

Disabling Row and Module Templates

Since saved rows and modules are considered templates, they are disabled in the same manner under Settings > Page Builder > Templates > Enabled Templates. To disable the ability to use saved rows or modules , select either the Enable Core Templates Only or Disable All Templates options as shown below.

Disable User Templates

Disable User Templates

Working With Saved Rows and Modules in the Templates Admin

If you have the Templates Admin enabled under Settings > Page Builder > Templates > Enable Templates Admin, you will be able to edit or delete your saved rows and modules in the WordPress Admin just as you can standard layout templates. When enabled, that is found under the Templates menu item in the admin menu.

Enable the Templates Admin

Enable the Templates Admin

Just keep in mind that any changes made in the Templates Admin to global rows or modules work the same as they do from within the builder as mentioned above.

Changes to the Templates Admin

In the database, saved rows and modules are saved just as standard layout templates are. They show up in the Templates Admin as well. To help you differentiate between template types in this view, we have introduced the new Type column as shown below.

Changes to the Templates Admin

Changes to the Templates Admin

While you can edit and delete saved rows and modules from within the Templates Admin, you can’t create them there.

Agency Members: Show Your Templates Within the Builder Panel

Thanks to some keen feedback from Beaver Builder customer Mike McKearin, our Agency members now have the option to add categorized saved rows and modules to the builder’s panel!

Network Template Settings

Network Template Settings

In addition to adding a thumbnail (as shown below), rows and modules are also displayed in sections based on the categories that you put them in.

Template Sections in the Builder Panel

Template Sections in the Builder Panel

These templates will show up on your entire network (for multisite installs) and can be dragged and dropped into a layout just like the built-in rows and modules. So cool!

What’s Next?

If you’re a member of the Facebook users group, you might have seen the screenshot that I teased of the new color picker that allows you to save presets. The Favolla crew is currently working on that and have even finished the new Animated Numbers module that should be in beta very soon.

Aside from those items, we’ll be starting work on enhancements to working with columns as well as hiring a new designer to help refresh our current lineup of templates. We’re working hard to bring you some exciting updates that I can’t wait to tell you more about!

Let Us Know What You Think!

We’re really pumped for this release. It’s something we’ve needed in our own client work and a feature request that we have received often. It wasn’t easy to accomplish and it took us some time, but I think you’ll agree that it was worth the wait!

As with all of our beta releases, we’re planning on having this in beta for the next two weeks unless anything major comes up. Expect it to hit a live update the week of September 1st.

If you haven’t already, head on over to your account area to download a copy of the beta and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below.

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