The Beaver Builder Theme Is Now Even More Customizable!

The next version of the Beaver Builder theme is now in beta and ready for you to take for a spin! This release packs 25 new Customizer settings, 14 new actions and 2 new filters that make the Beaver Builder theme even more customizable than it was before. Pro and Agency members can head on over to their account and download a copy to test today.

Update Overview

When we first created the Beaver Builder theme, our goal was to limit the design settings as much as possible while still keeping it highly customizable. That meant that we had to figure out things for you such as the color of the text in your navigation bar based on the background color you chose. That worked fine for some, but the feedback we’ve received over the last year has been that users want more control over their design via the Customizer.

This update is our first attempt at exposing more design settings, however, we’re still committed to keeping things as simple as possible. We had to re-architect some of the Customizer logic for this update to allow for user defined values instead of automatically generated values. The ability for us to add more settings is there now, so if you don’t see a setting here that you were hoping would make it in, let us know and we’ll look into it for a future update.

Things To Be Aware Of

Since we had to re-architect some of the Customizer logic, there are a few things existing users need to be aware of.

We’re no longer generating colors for you, but if you choose a preset, the new values will still be set for you.

Now that we have things like the new Nav Link Color setting, we’ll no longer be generating that for you. If you choose a preset, we’ll still fill in the appropriate value for you, but if you change the background color, it’s possible that you will now need to pick a suitable color for nav links. This holds true as well for other sections such as the top bar, header, and footer.

Dropdown menus now take on the text and background color of the navigation.

Before this update, drop-down menus in the navigation used to take on the text and background color of the main content area. In trying to keep things simple (and excluded styling options for dropdown menus) we may have made a decision that didn’t make a lot of sense.

Now that you have explicit control over all navigation colors, it made sense to have the drop-down menus pick that up instead. In our testing, we found that in most cases that is fine and won’t lead to any issues. However, if it does, let us know in the forums and we’ll see what we can do.

You may need to adjust your header/footer text colors.

As I mentioned above, we’re no longer automatically generating text colors for you. When you update, logic will run that will look at your existing settings and fill in the new settings for you. The downside to that is that the old logic used to use opacity when generating the colors, but the new logic doesn’t because we leave the exact color up to you. As such, you may notice that your navigation text is a bit darker (or brighter) the next time you enter the Customizer.

Nothing should change when you update.

When you update your theme to this version, you don’t need to worry about any immediate changes taking effect on your site. You will only notice any minor changes that might have occurred the next time you enter the Customizer.

New Settings

Here’s a list of the 25 new settings we’ve added to the Customizer for the Beaver Builder theme. To summarize, we’ve added the ability to change the text, link and hover colors for each page section, added background image settings to each page section and added a setting for choosing a hamburger icon for the mobile nav toggle instead of the menu button.

  • Accent Hover Color
  • Top Bar Background Image
  • Top Bar Text Color
  • Top Bar Link Color
  • Top Bar Hover Color
  • Header Background Image
  • Header Text Color
  • Header Link Color
  • Header Hover Color
  • Nav Item Spacing
  • Mobile Nav Toggle
  • Nav Background Image
  • Nav Link Color
  • Nav Hover Color
  • Content Background Image
  • Footer Widgets Background Gradient
  • Footer Widgets Background Image
  • Footer Widgets Text Color
  • Footer Widgets Link Color
  • Footer Widgets Hover Color
  • Footer Background Gradient
  • Footer Background Image
  • Footer Text Color
  • Footer Link Color
  • Footer Hover Color

New Actions

In addition to the new settings, we also added 14 new actions that allow you to insert custom code into many parts of the Beaver Builder theme that you previously had to override in a child theme. For example, let’s say you wanted to insert custom social sharing buttons below the post meta after the post title. You can now do that with the fl_post_top_meta_close action like so…

function my_post_top_meta_close() {
    // Enter you social button code here...
add_action( 'fl_post_top_meta_close', 'my_post_top_meta_close' );

Here’s a list of the new actions. You can also read about them in detail on the Theme Action Reference page.

  • fl_top_bar_col1_open
  • fl_top_bar_col1_close
  • fl_top_bar_col2_open
  • fl_top_bar_col2_close
  • fl_header_content_open
  • fl_header_content_close
  • fl_footer_col1_open
  • fl_footer_col1_close
  • fl_footer_col2_open
  • fl_footer_col2_close
  • fl_post_top_meta_open
  • fl_post_top_meta_close
  • fl_post_bottom_meta_open
  • fl_post_bottom_meta_close

New Filters

Finally, in addition to the new actions, we added two new handy filters that you can read about in detail on the Theme Filter Reference page. To quickly summarize, the fl_social_icons filter will allow you to rearrange the order of the social icons or add your own, while the fl_nav_toggle_text filter will allow you to change the text (or icon) that shows on the mobile nav toggle button.

  • fl_social_icons
  • fl_nav_toggle_text

When Will This Be Released?

We’re doing a beta for this release as it changes some things that we feel more comfortable letting people test before we release it to the wild. If all goes according to plan, we’ll be pushing this release for remote updates within your dashboard the week of July 6th. In the meantime, feel free to download it from your account area, play around with the new settings and let us know if you have any feedback!

What’s Next?

In case you missed it, the team over at Favolla has partnered with us to develop some awesome new features for Beaver Builder. They have already finished two new modules (Post Slider and Post Carousel) that we hope to release around the same time as the theme release. They’re also working on a new module that I’m super excited to get to you very soon, the Menu module!

Once the next version of the theme has been released, we’ll be diving into the much anticipated “Linked Templates” development. I’ll also be doing another roadmap post very soon that details much of what we have planned for the next six months or so. In the meantime, let us know what you think about the latest theme update or if you have any questions in the comments below.

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