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Beaver Builder 1.9 Shasta – Columns in columns, improved responsive settings, and more!

Beaver Builder 1.9 is live! This post covers the high-level changes. For all the gritty details, be sure to see the Beaver Builder Change Logs We’re thrilled to announce Beaver Builder 1.9, Shasta, coined from the gorgeous Shasta Dam in our home state of California. Shasta brings the #1, most-requested feature to Beaver Builder: columns in columns (CinC).…

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It’s Never too Late for a May Update

It’s May here in good ‘ole California (and everywhere else, ha), and you might think that we’re sitting here basking in the sunshine and enjoying the glorious California weather. Well, that’s not the case. It’s cold and rainy today. And while we desperately need the rain (see California’s drought), there’s hardly been more than a few drops. Just enough…

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It’s Now Easier Than Ever To Work With Beaver Builder Templates!

The ability to save your own layout templates has always been one of Beaver Builder’s most powerful and popular features. Today I’m excited to announce several new enhancements to the template system that will make creating your own Beaver Builder templates even easier, plus a new bonus feature our Agency members have been eagerly awaiting. The Templates Admin Before…

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