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Posts by Justin Busa

GPL Or Bust

The timing for some of the recent posts regarding open source software, the GPL and how it all relates to WordPress, couldn’t be more perfect. While the much more high profile VersionPress was deciding whether they should adopt the GPL, we were doing the same. Following their story provided a lot of insight and eventually lead to us adopting the GPL for our products as well.

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Creating A WordPress Plugin Is Easier Than You Think

Until a few years ago, I hadn’t written a single WordPress plugin. I had created and customized many themes for our clients, but for some reason, I kept telling myself that creating a plugin was beyond my capabilities. In hindsight, I couldn’t have been more wrong. If you’ve ever felt this way, let me tell you something. Creating a WordPress plugin is not beyond your capabilities. Anyone that has skills enough to write basic PHP and modify a theme can create a plugin.

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Behind The Scenes At Beaver Builder

Wow! Where does the time go? It has already been a month since we launched Beaver Builder into the wild and things have been going great! We’ve met some great people, learned a plethora of new things about the WordPress community and released a handful of updates to the Page Builder plugin and theme. In short, it has been a fun ride!

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Tips For Setting Up A Solid WordPress Website

So you installed a fresh copy of WordPress and are ready to build your website. Great! Now what?

When I setup a new WordPress site, I like to follow a simple set of guidelines to ensure that I’m covering all of my bases. Doing so helps to prevent future issues that may arise from ignoring this kind of stuff. Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to how you should setup a fresh WordPress install, this is mine.

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Introducing the Beaver Builder Plugin for WordPress!

After months at the drawing board and countless iterations, we’re excited to officially announce the release of Beaver Builder, a Page Builder plugin for WordPress. We’ve enjoyed how easy it was to build our website with Beaver Builder and we hope you will enjoy it as well!

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Introducing the Beaver Builder Theme for WordPress!

Before we started building the Page Builder, we were working on developing a lightweight theme for WordPress with flexible customization settings. Not a theme with a million settings and features but a theme with just the right ones to make it extremely powerful. Eventually we settled on a direction and are happy to bring you the Beaver Builder Theme for WordPress. Here’s a quick list of some of the features that we think make it awesome…

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