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The Beaver Builder Marketplace

One of the questions we receive on a regular basis from developers is whether or not we’ll be building an add-on marketplace for Beaver Builder (it’s also a popular feature request). We were initially hesitant to do so, but given the recent interest from various members of the community, we’ve decided to go for it! Here’s…

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The Custom Module Docs Are Now Public

We’ve learned a lot from the community since launching Beaver Builder. You make suggestions, we listen, we learn, and everyone wins! Today, we made a big decision based on feedback (and criticism) from some in the community to make the custom module documentation – which was previously only available to Pro and Agency members – publicly…

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March Update | On Framework Themes and Landlords

February was a short month. I was chuckling to myself thinking that February is a great month if you’re a landlord, but not so much when you’re a renter. We’ve got a pretty sweet office here in Campbell, CA, and we’re lucky enough to have a pretty cool landlord, too. Our hot water heater went…

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Integrating A Page Builder With Your WordPress Themes

In Beaver Builder 1.8, we launched a new feature that allows theme authors to create and bundle templates with their themes. Be sure to read about the Theme Author Templates feature in the Knowledge Base. The days of mega themes packed with features appear to be on their way out while we see the rise of…

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