How to Integrate Beaver Builder and Mailchimp

As a small business owner, Mailchimp is a beginner-friendly email marketing tool that can enable you to build your email list for free. However, its built-in signup forms aren’t very easy to customize out of the box. By integrating Mailchimp with Beaver Builder, you can design your forms from scratch or choose from a collection…

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How to Add and Use the Beaver Builder Menu Module (In 5 Steps)

A menu can offer clear navigation for your site’s visitors, which is vital for creating an optimal user experience (UX). However, WordPress’s default menu settings come with their limitations. Fortunately, the Beaver Builder page builder has a menu module that enables you to create more advanced menus that are sleek and easy-to-use. In this post,…

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How to Add a Content Slider in WordPress (In 4 Steps)

How to create a content slider with Beaver Builder

As you’re developing a website, you’ll likely want to display some featured content on your main pages. With a slider, you can show important images, videos, and posts in moving slides. This is an easy way to keep visitors engaged and draw their attention to key information about events, promotions, and more. In this post,…

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How to Create Beaver Builder Popups (2 Methods)

Getting your website’s visitors to take action can sometimes be challenging. While you may have strong Calls To Action (CTA) or prominent buttons, some users will overlook these elements and focus on what they originally came for. Fortunately, popups can be an effective way to drive conversions on your WordPress site.  In this post, we’ll…

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How to Create Beaver Builder Anchor Links (In 3 Steps)

How to Create Anchor Links using Beaver Builder

Posts and pages that have a lot of content can be difficult to navigate. These days, readers’ attention spans are becoming shorter, which puts your published content at risk of being passed over. Fortunately, anchor links can help you keep visitors engaged. Beaver Builder enables you to send readers to specific sections on the page…

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How Beaver Builder Add-Ons Work (And When to Use Them)

Are you a Beaver Builder user looking for a way to unlock additional functionality on your WordPress site? Or, maybe you’re seeking increased efficiency in your web design workflow. Beaver Builder add-ons give you greater control over your site, enabling you to customize headers, footers, and even your dashboard welcome page. In this post, we’ll…

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What’s New in Beaver Builder 2.6?

The Beaver Builder 2.6 update is here, bringing with it some handy new features and front-end optimization. In this article, we will cover the most notable new features in the Beaver Builder 2.6 update and show you how to use them on your site. Let’s take a look! Table of contents An Introduction to Beaver…

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How to Sell Online Courses in WordPress with Beaver Builder (In 6 Steps)

How to sell online courses in WordPress with Beaver Builder

Finding new ways to monetize your WordPress website can be a challenge. Online courses can be a great option – you won’t need to handle physical inventory and distribution costs. Additionally, you can sell online courses in WordPress with Beaver Builder, a user-friendly page builder.  In this article, we’ll talk more about the benefits of…

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How to Boost Your Affiliate Conversions With Beaver Builder (5 Ways)

Affiliate marketing is a popular way to earn a passive income online. However, it’s a fiercely competitive industry, so you might find it difficult to make your content stand out and generate money. Fortunately, with Beaver Builder, you can take advantage of features like popups and Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons to boost affiliate comnversions on your website.…

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