Landing Page Templates

Stunning designs that will make your website stand out from the pack.

Small Business Template

Our Probiz template will help you create a small business website in a snap. Trusted by faux-companies like Swingers Golf Clubs and Mafia Medical, be sure to visit the live demo to take in the full Probiz experience.


Fitness, Gym, Crossfit Template

If you or your client needs an ab-smashing, inspirational fitness template, The Body Factory is the answer. Easily customizable for a Yoga Studio, Gym, Crossfit Box, or any other physically demanding website.

Editorial, Fashion Blog Template

Don't let the Fashion monicker deceive you, Fashion Freaks is a versatile, high-end design that's dripping with class and sophistication. The perfect start for a discerning client or luxury brand.


Lawyer, Law Firm Template

Got a problem with this design, then take it up with our lawyer! Just kidding. This design can be easily modified for any type of practice in any location. From a solo practice to an established firm, a professional web presence is crucial for any legal professional.

Photography Portfolio Template

It always feels a bit awkward behind the lens. Then again, maybe that's why we build photo websites instead of taking pictures. This minimalist template puts the focus on your work and lets your photos steal the show.


Musician, DJ, Band Template

Packed with a tour schedule, discography section, and iTunes button, DJ Beaver is an excellent design for a DJ, band, or any other touring artist.

Restaurant Template

Don't settle on a stale look for your restaurant website. Lets Meat is a fresh design featuring a menu, customer review, and operating hours sections.


Fullscreen Template

This template takes full advantage of full-screen layouts. With a variety of snazzy animations and eye candy, this versatile template can be molded to fit all sorts of genres and projects.

Creative, Web Agency Template

As a web agency, your website is more than a marketing piece. It's a representation of your skills and talent. It's also the one website you won't get a paycheck to work on. There's no shame in taking a little shortcut with our web agency template.


eBook Template

eBook's are a great way to share your knowledge on a subject, encourage more signups for a newsletter or opt-in, or make a bit of extra revenue on your blog or website. Our eBook template combined with software like WooCommerce or Gumroad makes distributing and selling your eBook a snap.

Educational, University Template

This professional and distinguished template is a perfect option for a college, high-school, or higher-learning institution.


Automotive Template

This bright and exciting template was designed for an automotive dealership or shop. Just like a flashy sports car, with a cherry-red color scheme this template is sure to turn some heads.

Mobile App Template

Looking for a quick start for your mobile app's website? Don't procrastinate on using the Procraz template to quickly get your iOS or Android App idea off the ground.


General Business Template

This versatile, new-age inspired template, Zen Life, can be modified to fit a wide variety of projects. With a light and muted color scheme, this chameleon of a template is fully capable of turning into whatever you want it to be.

Construction Template

The construction industry is a bit of a late comer to the web scene, but construction companies are becoming one of the most sought-after web clients imaginable. Kickstart your creative process with this earthy and effective construction themed template.


Coming Soon Template

If your testing the waters with a new product or service, a "coming soon" landing page is a great way to gauge interest and test market fit. Combined with our subscription module, this template will let you start collecting email address in your ESP of choice in minutes.