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Is Beaver Builder a plugin or a theme?

Both! Our standard package includes just the page builder plugin (which works with any theme). Our Pro/Agency packages include both the page builder plugin and the Beaver Builder theme.

Does Beaver Builder work with any eCommerce besides WooCommerce (e.g. EDD)?

Beaver Builder supports both widgets and short codes. If EDD (or other eCommerce solutions) provide either a widget or a shortcode to render products, or a cart, or whatever, then you would be able to build your storefront using Beaver Builder.

Do I need to use the Beaver Builder theme?

No! Absolutely not. The Page Builder plugin was designed to work with any theme.

Is there a marketplace for 3rd party modules or extensions?

Not yet, but this something that is on our radar. We still aren’t sure if there is enough demand for a marketplace to justify the time it would take to setup. If you’re interested in selling your custom Beaver Builder modules or templates, please contact us and let us know. We’d really appreciate your feedback.

What modules are in the Page Builder?

There is a comprehensive list of modules and descriptions on our homepage in the Nitty Gritty details section.

Does Beaver Builder work with Posts and Custom Post Types?

Yes! By default, Beaver Builder is only enabled for Pages, but you can easily enable Posts and Custom Post Types from the page builder settings.

Is Beaver Builder compatible with X theme or Y plugin?

We do our best to make sure Beaver Builder is compatible with as many other plugins and themes as possible. The best way to test Beaver Builder with your plugin stack is to try using the free version on the repo.

Does Beaver Builder support shortcodes?

Yup! It definitely does. Shortcodes enable you to use your other favorite plugins along with Beaver Builder.

Does Beaver Builder support 3rd party widgets?

Yup! It definitely does. 3rd party widgets show up in Beaver Builder's widget menu along with the default WordPress widgets.

Why do comments show up on my pages?

You’ll need to disable comments on a page-by-page basis (make sure discussion is enabled from the screen options), or use a plugin to disable them from all pages. Here is an article that explains how to disable comments in detail.

Can I create my own modules for Beaver Builder?

Yes! We have custom module documentation and a boilerplate plugin available. You can also create a WordPress Widget and use that with Beaver Builder.

How does Beaver Builder’s white labeling feature work?

Our Agency package allows you to “white label” Beaver Builder and give your clients a truly white-glove experience. White labeling allows you to replace the words Page Builder or Beaver Builder, and the Beaver Builder logo, with your own company's name or logo. Note: this only applies to the backend of your website. There are no advertisements or mentions of Beaver Builder on the front end of your site.

Do I have to renew each year for your products to work?

Absolutely not! Beaver Builder will continue to work after a year. Our annual fees are there so we can continue to provide updates and outstanding support.

I migrated a site but my image URLs didn’t change. How do I clear the Beaver Builder cache?

If you’re having trouble after migrating a site (make sure you use a Serialized Search & Replace tool) you probably need to clear Beaver Builder’s cache. You'll need to locate Beaver Builder's cache folder. You can find this in your wp-content/uploads folder in either the fl-builder/cache or bb-plugin/cache folder depending on your install. Remove the cache folder and that's it!

What’s the difference between multisite support and network wide settings?

Our Pro package supports multisite and our Agency package has a network-wide settings panel. With the pro package, you’ll need to configure the page builder on each site. With the agency package, you can configure the page builder on all of your sites in the network from one place then override those settings on a site by site basis.

How many sites can I use Beaver Builder on?

You are free to use Beaver Builder on an unlimited number of sites!

Can I Bundle Beaver Builder with a theme?

We don't support bundling any of the premium Beaver Builder packages with a theme, but you're free to use the lite version of Beaver Builder for that purpose! For more information, see this blog post, this knowledge base article, or contact us.

Can I upgrade my membership after signing up?

Yes, you can upgrade your current membership at a prorated rate by visiting the my account page when logged into our site. See this article for more information on upgrading.

What's your refund policy?

Although we don’t think you’ll ever want one, we'll gladly provide a refund if it’s requested within 30 days of purchase.

Can I include Beaver Builder as part of my hosted website builder platform?

Yes! The features included in our agency membership are geared towards those that wish to create their own DIY hosted website publishing business.

Can I include Beaver Builder as part of a premium or free WordPress theme?

We don’t support including any of our premium packages in a theme, but the repo version of Beaver Builder is a great option! See this article or contact us for more info.

Can you build my website for me?

Sorry! We no longer offer web design services. See our list of Recommended Beaver Builders to find a capable freelancer or agency.

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