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5 Ways to Use Part Layouts on Your Beaver Builder Site

How to Use Beaver Builder Part Layouts

There are thousands of WordPress themes available to choose from, and many of them provide a wide variety of customization options. However, some parts of your site are difficult to edit without help from an additional plugin. Fortunately, Beaver Themer’s Part layouts let you display features such as banners, forms, and sliders outside of your…

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6 Steps for Designing a Fully Custom WordPress Footer

How to Create a Custom WordPress Footer

Maximizing the impact of your site means paying attention to the little details, from the top of the page all the way down to the bottom. The WordPress footer is often overlooked, but it’s actually an important part of your website that can have a major impact on your bounce and conversion rates. In this…

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7 Beaver Builder Features Developers Should Know About

Beaver Builder Features Developers Should Know About

Page builders are designed to make creating websites easy for anyone, even WordPress beginners. However, Beaver Builder also has several features for developers to make life easier for you and your clients. In this article, we’ll introduce you to some powerful features you may not know about that make Beaver Builder a fantastic tool for…

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7 Ways to Streamline Your Development Projects

How to Streamline Development Projects

We don’t need to tell you that efficiency counts when it comes to web development. You have to plan, design, build and launch a high-quality website to your client’s specifications, all while keeping one eye on the clock. This is a delicate balancing act when you’re building just a single website. So when you’re juggling…

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How a WordPress Schema Plugin Can Boost Your Mobile Usability

Schema Plugin

Mobile usability leads to more satisfied visitors, more clicks, and more conversions. You may already know that, but you might not be aware that using the markup language can start this process before users even land on your site. The Schema language lets you incorporate reviews, ratings, author names, and other rich snippets in…

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How to Customize Your Beaver Builder Site With CSS

How to customize your WordPress website with CSS

Beaver Builder makes creating a website a breeze with its simple drag-and-drop design. However, there may be styles or features you want to use on your pages that aren’t available in the builder. That’s where custom CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) comes in. Custom CSS opens up an incredible number of options for your site’s design.…

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The 11 Best Online Scheduling Tools for Web Designers

Best Online Scheduling Tools

When you’re a web designer who juggles multiple projects amid life’s curveballs, it’s helpful to know the best online scheduling tools to stay organized and productive. After all, you’re busy with delivering services and managing clients. The easier the better when it comes to those pesky admin tasks! Today’s apps make it easier to book…

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How to White Label Your WordPress Website

How to White Label WordPress

Creating fantastic websites is only the first step to becoming a successful developer, designer, or web agency. Another key element is building a strong brand – one that’s memorable, unique, and professional. An often-overlooked stage in that process is ‘white labeling’ your WordPress websites that you build for your clients so they see your brand…

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Why Page Builders Don’t Have to Slow Down Your Website

Page Builders Speed Optimization

Page builders are extremely popular among WordPress users, and for good reason. They make it simple to design unique, attention-grabbing websites and get them online quickly. At the same time, it’s common to hear concerns that installing a page builder might slow down your website. Fortunately, page builders don’t have to make your site sluggish…

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What to Expect from WordPress 5.5

What to Expect from WordPress 5.5

Another WordPress release is on the horizon. It’s the second of its magnitude this year. It includes everything from new features to bug fixes and an improved developer experience.  In this post, we discuss everything you need to know about WordPress 5.5, so you can be prepared for how these changes will your workflow and…

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