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Best WordPress Black Friday – Cyber Monday Deals (2019)

Best WordPress Black Friday Deals

Hey Beaver Builders! Are you looking for the best WordPress deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Well, we decided to try something new this year… we reached out to some of our friends in the WordPress community and asked about the promotions they’re running and curated a list for you to easily reference. Here…

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How to Choose the Right WordPress Membership Theme

WordPress Membership Theme

Planning a membership site where people need to sign up and perhaps pay for the content or service you provide? If you want people to sign up or invest, your website needs to look good. The perfect WordPress membership theme can give you an edge over other websites, by helping you catch visitors’ eyes and…

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How to Get Started With WordPress as a Freelance Programmer

WordPress Freelance Programmer

There’s no doubt that freelancing holds a lot of attractive qualities. Striking out on your own provides freedom and opportunity you just won’t get in a nine-to-five office job. However, offering services related to a platform as well-known as WordPress can feel intimidating. In this article, we’ll talk about why WordPress is worth your time…

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9 WordPress Maintenance Services to Help You Run Your Site

WordPress Maintenance Services

Performing regular maintenance on your WordPress site is crucial to keeping your site healthy and running smoothly. The only problem is that keeping your site in prime condition takes a lot of time! Completing all of the necessary maintenance tasks quickly adds up.  Luckily, there are a number of services to keep your site in…

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How to Create a Sitemap for Your WordPress Website

Create WordPress Sitemap

There’s a wealth of content on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and most people now know the basics. However, the very first step is the easiest to overlook: making sure your site’s content can be found by search engines. This involves creating a sitemap and using it effectively. In this post, we’ll explain what a WordPress…

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How to Customize a WooCommerce Product Page Using Beaver Themer

Customize WooCommerce Product Page with Beaver Themer

Kicking off a new business or putting your products online can be both exciting and intimidating. WooCommerce has likely made managing your inventory and shopping carts much easier, but unless you’re an expert programmer, you might be wondering how to further customize your product pages to better suit your needs.  In this article, we’ll introduce you…

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How to Promote Events on Your Beaver Builder Website

Events on WordPress

Hosting events can be exciting and profitable, but the administration side of a big event can be intimidating. Not to worry, however – you can tend to your attendees and enjoy your event, while your website handles registration and tickets for you. You can use your WordPress site to both promote and manage your events,…

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